East Coast Tae Kwon Do is a martial arts school located in Altoona, Iowa.

We offer classes for kids 5 1/2 – 8 yrs old and 9 – adult. We require no registration fees & no contracts to sign.

Check out the info on our page, come check us out and try a few classes first.

Upcoming Activities at ECTKD:  

  • DUES: Please ensure you are up to date.
  • TEST DATE: July 18th, 7:30pm
  • CAR WASH FUNDRAISER: The school did great and raised over $1,000….
  • CELEBRASIAN FESTIVAL: Great turn turn out and everyone did a fantastic job. Video and photo’s coming soon…
  • MOVIE NIGHT: Will be planning next movie night soon. This will be for SR’S class. Ip Man is the movie. Staring Donnie Yen, great movie with lots of action.
  •  TKD “WITHOUT LIMITS” next class June 27th…

ECTKD in the News!




Fitness For Food..Norm Wrigley on WHO TV Channel 13 News at Noon.



We as members of the Tae Kwon Do

Train our fighting spirits and bodies according to a

strict moral code:

Contain, rather than hurt

Hurt, rather than maim

Main, rather than kill

Kill, rather than be killed

We, as members, are united in mutual friendship

We, as members, will comply with regulations

Obey instructors and respect others.