Rules of the Dojo


  • proper manors at all times
  • no running
  • no yelling or screaming
  • no climbing on tables, chairs or furniture
  • do not disrupt any ongoing class in our room or any other room

Class time:

  • if you will miss a class you must send message of your absence
  • students must be dressed and ready to begin class 5 minutes before class is to begin
  • restrooms and water time is before or after class
  • students should try to get to class 5 to 10 minutes before class to sit and stretch
  • no gum or candy during class
  • when called to start class, line up by rank starting from YOUR left
  • any student misbehaving will be asked to leave the floor
  • NEVER criticize another student or instructor
  • loss of temper and bad language will never be tolerated at any time
  • at all times, any instructor will be addressed as Mr., Mrs., Sir, or Mam
  • all fighting and sparing will take place under the direction of an instructor
  • when facing a partner for sparing or techniques, always bow before and after in a sign of respect


  • worn for every class
  • to be kept clean at all times
  • patches to be attached properly
  • length should be maintained at proper length on pants and tops
  • no earrings, bracelets, or jewelry worn during class
  • hands and feet should be washed and cleaned
  • no pen or marker on hands
  • t-shirts must be worn under uniform tops.  No v-neck, tank top, or camo’s


  • to be worn during class only, please put them on in the school
  • never dropped or placed on floor
  • to be kept clean BUT…
  • never wash your belt (that will wash away all of your knowledge)

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