Board Breaking

earning boards
1 board earned! Board breaking has many benefits, but must be earned. You can read on different ways a student can earn a board for breaking. I will have some play money to hand out for each time a board is earned. When we set up a night for breaking, the students can trade in those bills for a board.

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Ways to earn boards

  • Grades: Two A’s = 1 board
  • Vacation Picture(s): Picture for school of student outside of Iowa (Next to a sign or monument of some sort) = 1 board (Per City)
  • Reading: One age appropriate book = 1 board
  • Science Center of Iowa: If you appear on TV for the News at Noon with your ECTKD shirt on = 1 board
  • fill up a large brown grocery bag with food needed by our Caring Hands Food Pantry and earn a Board Breaking Dollar
  • Sign up for the Healthy Altoona Partnership Change 3 Challenge with your parents. Every day write down your three completed challenges and bring them to me at the end of the month = 5 boards