Purple Belt

“Coming to the mountain. The tree is in the mid-growth and now the path becomes steep.”

The student has crossed over into a higher level of Songahm Taekwondo. The techniques, poom-sae (forms), and level of gyeo-roo-gi (sparring) becomes more difficult, creating a “mountain” that must be overcome. Mountains are often depicted as being purple.

Testing for Purple Belt:


  • W/pivot-cross elbow
  • down elbow
  • up elbow
  • inverted hammer fist


  • back hand
  • circular knife hand


  • arc kick
  • front leg ball kick




  • Chon-Ji Definition & # of moves
  • Paper on one other style of martial arts
  • List three great martial artists and what they have done
  • 2.5 hours community service (Clean up, volunteer, show shoveling)


  • 1 Board or plastic board break
  • 45 seconds of push ups, sit ups, riding stance (with staff on legs), forward stance and back stance
  • 1 minute sparring round

Other requirements:

  • $50 fee due at or before testing is started
  • Completed testing forms

What’s Next?