Brown Belt

The color brown represents the ripening or maturing process as that of the advanced Tae Kwon Do student whose techniques are beginning to mature. 

The test to achieve Brown Belt has focused not only techniques of the body but the beginning test of the mind. “The tree has been firmly rooted to the ground.” This is where a student proves to his instructor that mind and body can and will work together. To show the ability to defend one’s self and strike back verses the mind to hold it back and control it.

This is the beginning of becoming a higher rank student and beginning teacher. In many schools this level has proven your “worth” to the instructor and many are given the privilege of obtaining a key or access to the school at anytime without the teacher’s presence.

Brown belt also gives the student the title of “Mr, Mrs., or Miss” and use of last name only. All rank below this level now must address you by this new title regardless of length of time as a student or age of student.

Testing for Brown Belt:


  • Closed shift
  • Open shift
  • Closed ready position A


  • Back hand
  • Arc hand
  • Side strike
  • Double vertical
  • Flying punch
  • Upset punch
  • Double upset punch
  • Waving block w/spear finger


  • Wedging Outward
  • Downward knife hand
  • Double knife hand
  • X-knife hand
  • Double upward forearm


  • Back kick
  • Mid-air
  • Spinning hook
  • Spinning arc
  • Jumping back side
  • Jumping back ball
  • Jumping up side


  • To-San
  • Won-Hyo


  • Two Steps #1-10
  • Pre-Arranged Sparing #1-10
  • Front Chokes #1-3
  • Rear Chokes #1-3
  • Sparring
  • Breaking-2 boards with kick, 1 brick with hand or foot


  • Meaning of Brown Belt
  • To-San definition & # of moves
  • Won-Hyo definition & # of moves


  • ?

Other requirements:

  • $50 fee due at or before testing is started
  • Completed testing forms

What’s Next?