Blue Belt

“Blue signifies the Heaven, towards which the plant matures into a towering tree as training in Taekwon-do progresses. — Choi”

In the Western world, blue is the color most people claim as their favorite. It is the bright blue of a summer sky and the mysterious deep blue of night. It is the fourth belt color as well. Blue denotes authority, truth, loyalty and mystery. It also
symbolizes quality. Police officers have blue uniforms. The Marines, the Navy, Air Force officers and the Army all wear dress “blues.” The business world is dominated by the ubiquitous “blue suit.” A blue ribbon means first place. Blue chips stocks are the most consistent and high in value, as is a blue chip in poker. Brides traditionally wear something blue at the wedding. It is the color used for the Virgin Mary’s robes in Christianity, of Merlin’s robes in Druidic lore. It is also the color of academic robes worn by philosophers at American universities. Blue is the calm, peaceful night falling or the true blue of friendship. Blue evokes the mystery of the Hope Diamond; the turquoise of ancient Egyptian and Zuni cultures. It is the secrecy of the Blue Lodge of Masonry. To wear a blue belt is to start to learn the vast history, philosophy and mystery of taekwon-do.

Testing for Blue Belt:


  • W/pivot
  • reverse knife hand
  • cross knife hand
  • single poke spear hand: low/medium/high


  • palm
  • circular outward
  • waving knife hand


  • for balance: rear kicks to the front and back


  • Dan-Gun
  • 25 Okinawan bo basics


  • one steps #1-15
  • wrist release w/ take down
  • defense from floor
  • lapel grab defense


  • Meaning of Blue Belt
  • Dan-Gun Definition & # of moves
  • Year I started Tae Kwon Do?
  • Year I made 1st Dan?
  • Find one self defense story
  • Paper on what you want to do when you grow up
  • 3 hours community service (Clean up, volunteer, show shoveling)


  • Board breaking: side kick through 2 boards, hand technique of your choice
  • 60 seconds of push ups, sit ups, stances, plank
  • 2 minutes sparring rounds

Other requirements:

  • $50 fee due at or before testing is started
  • Completed testing forms

What’s Next?