Stereo Types

Talamba This posting is not me trying to say what is right or what is wrong. It’s not about “who” may be right or wrong. And mostly, no matter what I write or post will not change “the world or society”. That is not my intension nor do I hold the power to do so. This one is about “stereo types”. ALL TYPES OF STEREO TYPES…

buy Seroquel cheap online The definition of a stereo type is: “to believe unfairly that all people or things with a particular characteristic are the same”.

It really comes down to our own choices. The choice to express or live out your given right of freedom verses your personal self or property being in jeopardy of harm in verbal or physical means.

First look at stereo types. Stereo types have been around long before we were born. They are there, created by society in different fashions such as music, movies, books, to social media and social life itself. Rappers tend to dress and act in a certain manner. Metalheads and hippies do the same. Even down to movie stars and Reality Star Diva’s, they can all be grouped into some sort of stereo type. I can not say weather they like it or enjoy it or even care, but they do. If you turn on any Real House Wives of ______, you will automatically have an idea in your head of what they all will act like or sound like. Most the time you are right..

Before going off too far from the topic, my point of writing this posting is, this. If you do not want to be judged as a specific stereo type, then please do not play the part. Depending on where you live, if you wear jeans 4 sizes too big, underwear hanging out, baggy shirt and over size jacket, plus the hat turned sideways, then there will be a good chance, you will be viewed as that type of person.

Think of it this way. If you dressed up in a firemans gear and went to the store, everyone would automatically think you are a fireman. Well, if you dress as a “thug”, or “skater rat”, or a “punk”, most will automatically precieve you into this role. It’s that simple.

Over the last couple years there have been some very high profile news stories where individuals have been beaten by others or some even shot by police. Much of this comes from someone being steroe typed as a dangerous person or a threat. Again, I cant say who’s in the right or wrong, partly because we never get 100% of the real story.

Could some instances been avoided had someone not dressed a certain way, acted a certain way, felt threatened by a making that stereo type upon someone else?? I don’t know.

So, this is just a ramble with no proper beginning or end, and no questions answered. Just know and learn that profiling and being placed in a stereo type will never go away, and sometimes YOU may have the power to change the process or outcome..