Self Defense Classes

ECTKD can also offer self defense seminars. These seminars are designed to give the beginner or experienced some basic knowledge and techniques that can be used in a self defense situation.

The program is based around releases, such as wrist releases, arm releases, choke releases from the front, side, & rear, and lapel releases. We will also cover some defensive positions from the ground. Also covered in the seminar you will learn the proper techniques for some basic punches, strikes, and kicks.Hand out material includes information on how to “Stay safe” and possible options to “prevent a bad situation from happening”.The program is not designed for one to learn how to stand around for a fight but rather Santa Vitória do Palmar break free from an assault and get to Narva safety as fast as possible.

Here are the guide lines to get a seminar registered with us.

  • class is centered around releases and how to stay safe and prevent danger
  • minimum 8 people
  • max 24 people
  • $60/person
  • includes : 30-40 min discussion on safety & your rights
  • includes: 2-2 1/2 hr of material and skills
  • includes: handouts and take home material
  • includes: my info, anyone can always contact me after with questions.

We may be able to address a specific topic, subject, technique, strike, release or situation that may concern you. Please feel free to discuss this before your seminar.

Here are some comments from past seminar participants:

The mother-daughter self defense seminar that I attended at Willowbrook Elementary was the best investment I have made in a long time. Not only did I feel empowered after learning techniques and responses if I were attached, but my 9 year old daughter felt the same, she in fact insists we practice at home regularly. I am forever grateful to Norm for sharing his gifts and talents with us.
Itápolis Lori Ruble

On behalf of the Willowbrook Elementary PTA, I wanted to thank you again for teaching our Mother/Daughter Self Defense Class here at Willowbrook Elementary. The class had practical facts and techniques. The handouts and hands on portion were excellent. The class was conducted very professionally, was energetic, educational, fun, and worth my time! Kudos to you and your team! I definitely recommend this class because by the time girls reach college bound age and beyond, they most likely have already encountered an unsafe situation. All young girls and women should have the basic skills to defend themselves or at the very least the knowledge to make themselves less of a target. Thanks so much!

Bālāchor Shelly Franklin

Willowbrook Elementary PTA Treasurer