Rumble In The Bronx

One of my all time favorite martial arts movies and I am sure most of the movies I may write about will be my all time favorite.

One of the greatest things about this movie is that they spend about 10 minutes on plot and another 90 min on the action.

Here it is in a nut shell. Jackie goes to visit his uncle who just sold off his convienence store to retire. Jackie ends up staying around for a few days to help the new owner get settled in. Well there is a huge gang in the city and when Jackie stops a few of them from shop lifting in his uncles old store, they take some revenge. Small added plot that the gang’s girlfriend has a handicap brother who becomes Jackie’s friend and then they become friends, blah, blah, blah.

It takes maybe a good 15 minutes for the action to start but then it just goes almost non stop. With most of the fights being in the street and sloppy houses and such that sets up so many props for Jackie to jump over, into, around, under, and use as weapons like ski’s, refrigerators, lights, a car antenna, and a ottoman. Can’t forget the pinball machine too.

He did some cool crazy stunts such as jumping off a roof to a balcony (which I believe he broke his foot doing this), diving into a car’s moonroof head first with his legs still sticking out and having a motorbike case him right over the car, and the water skiing in the end in just sneakers. This last one he did with his foot broken, just watch the mistakes clip during the credits.

One nice thing about Jackie is he tends to get hit and even his but kicked from time to time taking away that image of “no one can stop him” like Bruce and Chuck does.

All in all a great movie to watch and so much to see. If you get a chance and like good action & non-plotted movies, then check it out.