My Report On Chuck Norris

The reason for the reports to be done is for us to learn more of our history in martial arts, whether it is directly related to us or not.

Growin up playing the drums the first thing I learned was that Buddy Rich is the god of all drummers. The King, the one and only, but I really never knew why or understood why. It took me some time to find old recordings, listen to what he was playing more more important to remember the year he was playing this. No one else could play like he did back then. It may not seem like much these days, but back in the 50’s it was impossible.

The same goes for martial arts, and the reason we are doing this report. Most of my students may know Chuck from his infomercials adds and maybe his TV show. So I thought. After reading 6 reports, not a single person named off these things he as done.

My own personal hsitory in Chuck was that I loved his movies. The Octogon and Lone Wolf Mcquade were two of my favorites and i rented them a hundred times. And of course there was the final fight in Return of the Dragon.

He was one of my kartae hero’s growning up, even though it would be many many years before I started training in tae kwon do.

Now jumping forward about 12-13 years, after I began training with my first instructor and began to see many other martial artist in action, I grew a large distaste for Chucks movies. It was the same fight scenes, the same moves, a little sloppy, and didn’t really seem like karate.

It was several more years into my training that I went back and re-examined his work. I was flipping through channels on the TV and came across his TV show and thought I would give it a try. It was a huge success so it must be pretty good right?? Well it was not a bad episode that I got to see. During one of the fight scenes I noticed right away, that it was some of the same moves, (his side kick, reverse turning kick, hook punch, & spinning back fist and spinning heel kick), but it all started to make a little more sence.

While other stars would and could do all these fancy jumping and flipping around stuff, he was doing “what works in real life (for the most part)”. Many different techniques and moves my own instructors had taught me is similar to what he was doing. And yes, during some of his spin kicks and such he may look a little wobbly and not 100% perfect, but that is how it works for real.

It was at this point I found my new apreciation for his work and art. While other artist do the fancy stuff which is entertaining, Chuck was doing the practical, the things I could do myself with training and be like him.

I have never met the man, but I have never heard a bad thing about him. Many stars turn into jerks or have a time period of being a jerk, (even Jackie Chan), I can never say I heard of such rumors. I have read he has a heart of gold and more important to me, his martial arts trainign starts from the heart not his fists.

Maybe some day it would be cool to meet him on a personal level but I do not see that happening at anytime soon. So here is some highlights of the reports, and som things I learned myself doing this report.

*real name is Carlos not Chuck. Chuck was nickname he got in the millitary
*found Tang Soo Do while walking around town due to an injury to his shoulder preventing him from training in Judo.
*earned his black belt in 15 months (but trained 5 hrs a day for a year)

There is still so much more to learn about “The Man” but this is it in short form.

Hope everyone learned some great info on him and try to catch some of his movies.
*failed his first black belt test. retested in 3 months and passed
*opened his first school at age 21
*opened up 32 schools in his name
*retired from fighting with a record of 65-5
*is an avid offshore powerboat racer and had set a world record
*has written 2 books
*spokesman for United Way
*Spokesman for Veterans Administration
*has won several different awards for his TV show
*was in his 60’s with the first Total Gym ads
*created Kick Start
*Black Belt in TKD, Tang Soo Do, & Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
*devoted Christian and takes action politically