Most sizes will cost about $20 for a basic light weight uniform.gi
There are 3 patches total, each patch is $5.
Students may purchase own uniforms but they must be all white.  One site we recommend and use ishttp://kungfu4less.com  Belts will be provided when students pass testing for that color of belt.

Where do I my patches go on my uniform?

patch_locationsKorean Flag goes on right sleeve (directly under horizontal seam, centered to vertical seam), American Flag on left sleeve (same as other side). ITF patch (circular patch), on left chest just next to seam.
The ITF patch is a little difficult for the small uniforms, please do your best to make it look as good as possible.



Sparring Geardeluxe-macho-dyna-sparring-gear-set-3

Once a student advances to the Senior class they will need to purchase sparring gear. This will include head, punch, kick and shin guards. A mouth guard is also recommended.