Payment is due on the first class of the month and is payable in the drop box.

Class time/Prices:

Juniors I:     5:45-6:20 (Ages 5-7)         $55.00/month

Juniors II: 6:20-7:00 (Ages 8 to 11)     $55.00/month

Seniors:   (Ages 12 & older)                     $55.00/month

Additional pricing:

1 Day/week juniors:                             $45.00/month
1 Day/week seniors:                             $45.00/month
Pay per class:                                        $10.00

Testing fees:

Yellow Belt = $15
Green, Purple Belt = $25
Blue and higher =$50

Uniforms and patches:

Most sizes will cost about $20 for a basic light weight uniform.
There are 3 patches total, each patch is $5.
Locations for patches are shown here.
Students may purchase own uniforms but they must be all white.  One site we recommend and use is http://kungfu4less.com Belts will be provided when students pass testing.

Once a student advances to the Senior class they will need to purchase sparring gear. This will include head, punch, kick and shin guards. A mouth guard is also recommended.


$5 For replacement binders