Each year ECTKD hosts it’s FITNESS FOR FOOD FUNDRAISER in early November. Students gather sponsors who donate money which they in return must perform 4 exercises for each dollar they collect. The money is used to purchase full turkey dinner (turkey & four sides) certificates, which is then distributed through our local food pantry.

If you would like to make a donation for the East Coast Tae Kwon Do Fitness for Food fundraiser please click on the image below. There are multiple options for donations amounts. Please just put the students name in the donation comments so the exercises are directed to them to perform.

  • $5
  • $10
  • $15
  • $20
  • $25
  • $50 White Belt Donation Rank
  • $100 Green Belt Donation Rank
  • $250 Red Belt Donation Rank
  • $400 Black Belt Donation Rank
  • $500 Grand Master Donation Rank
  • $1,000 Master Yoda Jedi Donation Rank

Each $1 donated will result in a student doing one of each of the following exercises:

  • One Squat
  • One Jumping jack
  • One Kick
  • One Push-up


100% of all donations are used to purchase turkey dinner meals that feed a family of four through Hy-Vee in Altoona. In return, the dinners are then donated to Caring Hands Food Pantry to be given out to those in need over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

Check out our Fundraiser page for more information about past years efforts and a news story about our school.