El Affroun Each year ECTKD hosts it’s FITNESS FOR FOOD FUNDRAISER in early November. Students gather sponsors who donate money which they in return must perform 4 exercises for each dollar they collect. The money is used to purchase full turkey dinner (turkey & four sides) certificates, which is then distributed through Caring Hands Outreach Center.

Port Chester Every donation is a direct impact for the East Coast Tae Kwon Do Fitness for Food fundraiser. Donating is as simple as using the link below and choosing your option.

where can i buy clomid for cheap Alagoa Grande          100% of every dollar donated is used to purchase meals… 

  • $5 – $50 White Belt Donation Rank
  • $100 Green Belt Donation Rank
  • $250 Red Belt Donation Rank
  • $400 Black Belt Donation Rank
  • $500 Grand Master Donation Rank
  • $1,000 Master Jedi Yoda Donation Rank

Each $1 donated will result in a student doing one of each of the following exercises:

  • One Squat
  • One Jumping jack
  • One Kick
  • One Push-up



Check out our Fundraiser page for more information about past years efforts and a news story about our school.