Hand Position When Kicking

This may not be the most enjoyable posting but more for my own interest and education.

Simple basic question: When doing a kick sucky as a round house kick, where do you keep your hand placement?

This could be a simple answer or could have more than one correct answer. I am hoping to get a few responses here so please feel free to comment.

A little back ground, my first instructor was a kick boxer in the 70’s. fighting was a lot different back then compared to now, where everything is just about all MMA. He had taught us to keep our hands up by our face, maybe 6 to 8 inches away. Lead hand in front rear hand more back by our cheek.
When we did a round kick with the front or rear leg, our hands were kept in almost the same position, so when we lowered our foot back onto the floor, our hands were ready to give us protection.

Now what I have seen over the years, in multiple schools & videos, is people are taught to drop & extend the lead arm (whichever it may be), over their kicking leg or even to throw their arm past their leg where the arm & fist are closer to their butt.

Here is what I see as simple problems or issues with this way, though not trying to claim I am the correct one.
1- our head/face is very fragile, why drop your hands at anytime in a fight if you don’t need to.
2- when done poorly, throwing the arm behind you prevents pivoting the hips all the way and I see a lot of twisting in the hips & back. Looks like wringing out a towel.
3- some try to put so much power into a single technique a little bit of control is lost
4- with this lack of pivot the round kick becomes more in the middle of a round and instep kick.
5- takes too much time to retract your arm from down low to bring it back to your guard position. May not seem important but blocking my face feels more important to me.

I teach tae kwon do, and do my best to keep our schools kickboxing background. I have not been in the ring fighting in any form besides more traditional karate tournaments.

So please feel free to chime in, please don’t just complain or tell me I’m an idiot. I am looking for information and education…


Chuck Norris Report

I had asked my students to write a report on the world-famous Chuck Norris. With each generation, our new students will lose the importance many martial artist had played in creating what we know of as todays arts.

I originally told my students that I would also do a report for them to read but being the boss has its privileges. So I changed my mind after reading a couple of the reports. Instead I will do a summary of all fo theirs and do my best to capture all the info they provided me and add so much more. It may be difficult to make it entertaining to read and not lose their attention.

I will be posting it here within a few days…. Check back when you can.