About Us

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East Coast Tae Kwon Do Club Inc.

someplace East Coast Tae Kwon Do Club Inc (ECTKD) is a non-profit martial arts school in Altoona IA.

How we started

where can i buy Lyrica in australia We started in the forever circle of, “We can’t open a school without students, but we can’t get students without having a school to teach in.”

provincially August 2010 I began instructing my neighbor in my back yard and garage in our free time. Having been dancing for 11 years she picked up everything I taught her very quickly. Soon, the next month a friend of the family’s daughter asked if she could take lessons with me and my first student as they had become good friends that summer.

The following month a workout partner asked about instructing her daughter & daughter’s friend as well. After telling her my story of how I want to teach but can not find an affordable place, the idea of creating the school in a non-profit format came about.

At first, a little skeptical of the idea, I was participating in a city leadership class at the time and met with the South East Polk Community school board one night during our leadership class. After hearing so much info about what our school system does for our community and what our community does for our school systems, I felt a stronger drive to see of our possibilities of a non-profit school put into motion.

The benefits of this type of school are that the our school system gives us the space to instruct which in turns gives us time to start up, find students, and allows so much more financial support we can put back into our school system and community.

We have ideas and dreams of having a full class schedule, team building projects, community service projects, & setting up scholarships for our schools on top of the training and education students will receive during regular classes.

It took about a month and a half to get all our paperwork set up and filed and completed. Our school/club was formed and we had our first official class on January 4th, 2011 with my 4 core students.